VBM Domobar Super Digitale Espresso Machine

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The ability to control parameters is in your hands.

On the 3.5" touch screen you can program your pump pressure profile change the coffee and steam boiler temperatures, view extraction times, place the boilers into sleep mode and diagnostics.

A Dual Boiler espresso machine with a magnetic variable speed gear pump giving you the ability to program 10 different pump pressure profiles dependant on your beans and your taste. for example if you prefer a dark roast you can start your extraction curve at a high pressure like 12 bar and bring it down to 3 bar at the end of the curve so you don't extract the bitter compounds at the end of your 25 second extraction.

 In New Zealand every new VBM Domobar comes with a second set of magnetic side panels (colour of your choice to compliment the factory stainless panels)

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Group Head

VBM - E61 group in chromed-brass, with mechanical pre-infusion chamber and manual controls (lever)

Coffee Boiler

0.5 l

Steam Boiler

2 l

Dual Boiler

The dual boiler system has two boilers: one for espresso extraction and the other to deliver steam 


 24v DC variable speed magnetic gear pump

Water Supply

Sensor water tank switchable to plumbed in connection

Water Drain


Heating Element

600 + 1200 W    controlled by a solid state relay


width 250mm / height 420mm / depth 470mm / weight 24 kg 

Included in the box

Instruction Manual / single and double handle / Blind Filter / Pulycaff detergent


3.5’’ capacitive TFT display